Teamtemps was great at finding me a job in a timely fashion and placing me in the right job with good benefits and pay. Just what I was looking for. 

Great Agency.


I was able to experience different office environments and learn new procedures with each different job placement. They were able to place me in the more suitable work environments.

Temporary Employee

Teamtemps placed me in an temporary administrative job. I was told the job may last 6-8 weeks but could turn to permanent. I was afraid at first. Giving up a part time job to go POSSIBLY have a full time job…well, it all worked out! I’m going into 4 years of property management, earning great income!

Kacie McRae

Great owners, Great Company, Great Staff! Call them for all your employment or employee needs.

Shelisa Hull

I have worked with Teamtemps since 2005. I was a manager at one of the Valdosta’s manufacturing business they served. Whenever we needed someone, all we had to do was call them. Katie and her team had all our companies requirements for employment with us, and even performed some of our orientation duties for us. We found some awesome employees through Teamtemps who are still there supporting their families and being a true asset to the company. Teamtemps may have got them the job but it was up to that individual to show up be productive and keep the job. My second experience with Teamtemps was every bit as positive but a whole lot more personal. I was terminated from my job suddenly one Wednesday and found my self looking for a job. I told Katie what happened. We talked for a minute and she said I have just the place for you. She told me that she had an interview for me that afternoon. I was there on time, had my interview and accepted the job. I did my required hours as a Teamtemp employee with that company and then was hired on as a full time employee and have since been promoted to a higher paying position and loving my new job. Teamtemps helped me get the job but the rest was up to me.

However thanks to Katie and Teamtemps for keeping me employed and able to continue to support my family.

Chris Bennett