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Strategic Staffing

Contingent staffing, outsourcing, behavioral hiring. All have become commonly used buzz-words among human resource and staffing industry professionals. While the terms refer to different activities, their intent is the same: gain competitive advantage by implementing new tactics and strategies in the hiring and use of labor. If you are familiar

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The Top 10 Ways to Retain Good Employees

Share the results of good work, tangibly. Bonuses, cash, and non-cash rewards need to be tied to results so that, in receiving them, the employee knows that he or she is being rewarded for his or her specific contribution. Gifts given at the whim of the CEO can be regarded

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10 Strategies for Controlling Costs with Staffing

Looking to improve operating margins in your business? Then take a look at your staffing strategy. From the assembly line to the executive office, effective staffing is essential to maximizing profitability. Below are 10 practical strategies for using staffing to reduce overhead, manage operating costs, and improve organizational performance. 1.

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10 Interview Questions to Avoid

A young female candidate comes to your office for an interview. You notice an engagement ring on her finger, and you begin to wonder, “When is she going to start a family?” An obese gentleman arrives for his interview, and you begin to worry, “Will this man’s health get in

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